Oratio Mix in more detail :

Oratio mix proposes to bring into play the issue of interculturality through the elaboration of a common narrative. Expression and storytelling will stimulate dialogue and create a common creative space between students from all backgrounds.

The Oratio mix project is a continuation of the Grow From Seeds project (2018-2020), which resulted in several publications available on the project website.

Furthermore, Oratio mix will give a new and special place to orality and public expression, which is a new educational priority in formal education. 

The interculturality of the Oratio mix project is here focused on orality. The project can provide tools to overcome the language barrier, but we also wish to set it up as an added value in the constitution of a rich group.

The actors of the project will be above all young people from Kindergarten to High School, from 4 European countries with a rich cultural background (Germany, France, Italy and Portugal).  Together with their teachers and artist-pedagogues, these pupils will experiment with intercultural dialogue through artistic means of writing and performance. 

Through this experience, they will learn to draw on their own creativity, to listen to that of the other, and to experience the joy of co-motherhood/paternity of a story. They will also practice public speaking to project their story of the world and build a common one: a foundation for a more inclusive, democratic and respectful society.

The objective for each student participating in the project will be to emerge from it with greater confidence in speaking, a better mastery of communication codes and a know-how of how to tell their story. 

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