Oratio Mix timeline

Oratio Mix is a project that will last 2 years and will take place in collaboration with 4 countries of the European Union (Germany, France, Italy, Portugal).

March 2021
Launch of the project

The 12 artistic and school partners are meeting online to start this project. It will last 2 years and will take place in 4 countries: Germany, France, Italy and Portugal.

April 2021
Design of the methodology

The Transplanisphere designs educational sequences of 5 workshops. Enriched by the partners, they can be adapted to any school level.

April 2021
Testing the methodology

The first tests of the Oratio Mix workshops are carried out by teachers and artists in the classes of each country involved in the project.

June - September 2021
Validation of the method

Following the first tests, the method is adapted to guarantee its feasibility and quality. It is then validated by all the partners.

October 2021
Teacher training

The teachers involved in the project receive training in Paris, so that they can implement the method independently in their classes.

Nov 2021 - Oct 2022
Experimentation in autonomy

The teachers conduct the workshops independently in their respective classes. This is based on the training and/or tools provided.

October 2021 - April 2022
Impact assessment of the method

A group of students from the Sorbonne Nouvelle is conducting an evaluation of the impact of the method on students, teachers and class dynamics.

January - March 2022
Investigation and awareness campaign

Conducted by students from Sorbonne Nouvelle, this survey questions the state of intercultural education in Europe and the role of eloquence.

Partner meeting
February 2022
Meeting and creation of tutorial videos

Partner meeting in Berlin to summarise initial feedback and evaluation results. Tutorial videos are created.

Class exchanges
April - June 2022
Intercultural meetings

Interclass exchanges between France-Germany and Italy-Portugal, who meet for a week to test methods during intercultural meetings.

March - February 2022
Knowledge sharing platform

This collaborative platform for teachers brings together the results of the test phases, feedback and testimonials.

October - Décember 2022
Teacher training

Training courses for educational teams are organised in the four countries so that they can implement the method. 

January 2023
Publication of methods

Provision of training courses, so that anyone can implement the Oratio Mix method. 

January - April 2023
Oratio Mix promotion

Local events in the partner countries and in Brussels are organised to promote the project and the methods, as well as a campaign on social networks.