Workshop 7 : Creation part 1

Setting up: what do we need?

– paper, felt pens
– A4 sheets
– A workspace: the room provided must be large enough and set up in such a way as to accommodate all the participants and allow freedom of movement, as the workshop requires physical commitment.

The participants

Nursery school pupils aged between 4 and 7, with a maximum group size of 30.


School teachers, educators, drama teachers.

Aims of this workshop

use the rudiments of negotiation and compromise
to achieve a joint creation

Time required

45 minutes

How it works

The workshops use techniques from the plastic arts


At the end of the session, the children will have :

Developed their ability to illustrate an idea
Exercised their ability to work in a group

1. Start of session

The clap
In a circle, the children pass a clap to the person next to them (clapping hands) as they go round the circle. For the clap to be passed, the pupils must look each other in the eye before clapping their hands!

2. 4 squares

We do the example of the 4 squares with “Pebble soup” as a whole class.

3. Creative play

The 4 squares: in the form of an exquisite corpse, one group chooses the hero, another the place, another the friends (1 or 2 maximum), and finally another the opponent. They use the image bank provided to make collages. Then they can colour and draw any other elements they like. There is only one sheet of paper per group. The pupils must work together and share the work on the sheet equally!

Try to ask the pupils what they imagine first, so as not to restrict their imagination, and then try to find a match in the image bank, or even find new sources.

4. Closing ritual

The leader stands in front of the other members of the group so that everyone can see him or her. He or she places his or her arms horizontally and claps his or her hands above his or her head. The others must follow suit, respecting his or her rhythm. Then, little by little, he/she will speed up until there is applause.