Workshop 8 : Completion of writing

Implementation: what do we need?
– A workspace: the room provided must be large enough and arranged in such a way that it can accommodate all participants and allow freedom of movement, the workshop requiring physical commitment.
The participants

Primary students between 7 and 10 years, the group not exceeding 30 students


School teacher, educator, theatre teacher

Objectives of this workshop

work on narrative writing

Time required

60-90 minutes
We recommend 60 minutes for 7-8 year olds and 90 minutes for 9-10 year olds.


This workshop uses body expression and theatre techniques


At the end of the session, children will have: 

work on their written expression

1. Stat session

The clap  
In a circle, the children pass a clap to their neighbor. e (one claps in his hands) while making the circle. For the clap to pass, students must look each other in the eye before clapping their hands!

2. Writing

To initiate the writing process, we begin by asking ourselves questions: 

What is a. e
What is a dialogue?
How to integrate them into the theatrical form?

The class is then divided into groups who will have to write their parts in consultation with the work of the other groups in order to maintain consistency. 

Thus we will have: 

The narrators
The. s main character. s and co-authors
The. s enemy. s and co-authors
The. s character. s secondary. s and co-authors

The narrators share the story. The characters write their presentation to the audience and their dialogues. Students who interpret characters without text or environmental elements become the co-authors mentioned above.

It is not necessary to produce much writing for representation. However, if this work proves to be very beneficial for the students, they can produce a literary version of their creation and a lighter version from it to be performed.